Letters Aloud is a live reading series where Seattle’s finest actors give voice to deeply personal letters from famous people throughout history.

Jennifer Lee Taylor, "Dear Dad" episode, June 2013
Jennifer Lee Taylor, “Dear Dad” episode, June 2013

“It makes you reflect on the world and your own life and our personal connection to history.”  – Nancy Guppy, host of Seattle Channel’s ArtZone

Letters Aloud Company, "Dear Dad" episode, June 2013
Letters Aloud Company, “Dear Dad” episode, June 2013

“I was watching this today and regretting that I hadn’t done this kind of letter writing as my kids were growing up.  It would have been such a gift.”  – DEAR DAD audience member, Father’s Day 2013

Paul Morgan Stetler, "Dear Dad" episode, June 2013
Paul Morgan Stetler, “Dear Dad” episode, June 2013

“I was so impressed with how he curated with the letters he used.  There was a real overarching narrative.”  – DEAR DAD audience member, Father’s Day 2013

private letters…read in public


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