• All shows are just under 2 hours, including two 40-45 minute acts and a 10 minute intermission
  • Shows include live musical accompaniment and a lively slideshow (visuals only, no audio)

We provide:

  • 2-3 Readers, 1 Host, 1 Musician, 1 Stage Manager

We require:  

  • Video projection, music stands, microphones, stools, chairs, lighting


  • ALL OUR BEST—perseverance in times of struggle

  • LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME—letters of loving, longing and leaving

  • FAME (they’re not going to live forever)—letters about fame from the famous

  • DEAR DAD—letters to and from famous fathers

  • FROM THE FRONT—letters of service and sacrifice

See descriptions on the Shows page. New shows/themes will be added regularly and may be available by request.  Workshops/residencies also available by request.


Promotion & Marketing                                                                             

  • Letters Aloud will publicize your show via our newsletter, Facebook page and/or website
  • Paul Morgan Stetler, creator and host, will be available for press interviews
  • Letters Aloud will provide materials including images for ads and posters, quotes, and press releases as needed

Sample marketing kit:

Advance press clippings:

Performance history

Letters Aloud Show History and Performance Calendar


Several options, including:

  • Full version of show
  • Shortened version of show
  • 35-minute school assembly program designed for 5th-12th grades
  • Post-show talk back
  • Letter-writing exercises or full workshop tailored to your outreach demographic

An example from our 2015-16 touring season is here: Letters Aloud Outreach Program 2015-16

Private letters read in public

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