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perseverance in times of struggle

Featuring the voices of real people throughout history, the letter writers in ALL OUR BEST tell us of their experiences in times of pandemics and civil rights activism. Most importantly, they tell us how to find hope and meaning… and humor… when times are particularly tough. ALL OUR BEST is the perfect show to experience live during these challenging times!

letters of loving, longing, and leaving

Jennifer Lee Taylor,

Take a trip from the romantically sublime to the pathetically ridiculous! From awkward courtship to horrible breakups to loves of a lifetime and lifetimes of love, we’ve got it all in these letters that range from steamy to sweet. Hear from the likes of Mark Twain, Frida Kahlo, Charles Bukowski, George Carlin, Virginia Woolf, Napoleon Bonaparte, and a nice kid who grew up to be Slash. Reality TV’s got nothing on us!

letters about fame from the famous


Being famous is sometimes a burning desire from a young age. And sometimes, it’s an accident. In either case, fame teaches you things—about yourself, about hard work, about enjoyment, about pride, and about your impact on the world and others. From humble beginnings to adoring fans to looking back on achievements and lessons learned, we chart the course of celebrity through the correspondence of luminaries like Stephen King, Andy Warhol (of course!), Elvis Presley, Emily Dickinson, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe, and Tom Hanks. Get a new perspective on fame from the famous in our most popular show!

letters to and from famous fathers


Over 25 personal letters written to or from well-known dads, including Jackson Pollock, Dave Brubeck, John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ronald Reagan, Henry James, W.E.B. Du Bois, Oscar Wilde— and a very young John F. Kennedy, Jr. It’s not all just about asking for a raise in your allowance! These intimate letters will surprise with their tenderness and humor, and give a special look into the extraordinarily important relationship between fathers and their kids.

letters of service and sacrifice

Faith_From the Front

In this episode, we honor our country’s servicemen and women by presenting their powerful perspectives and heartfelt thoughts via the letters to and from the people they care about. Accounts from the first days of boot camp to the grim realities of the front line will bring the battlefields of our past—and in some cases our present—to life. From a minuteman of the Revolutionary War to a medic in Afghanistan giving a first hand account of a random act of kindness; from Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley’s message to his obsessed fans to a heartbreaking “Dear John” to a soldier in Vietnam, you’ll get perspectives both private and public about the act of serving and the price of sacrifice. Great for educational settings and outreach!

More episodes coming! Custom editions available!

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Private letters read in public

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