Reading other people’s mail since 2013.

Real Letters. Real People. Read Aloud.

We bring humanity to history… one letter at a time.

Traveling the country since 2014, Letters Aloud has been delighting audiences with thought-provoking, relevant, hopeful, and humorous stories told through the real voices of real people via their personal correspondence. Whether hilarious or heartfelt, these letters showcase humanity’s ability to find hope, meaning, and laughter, especially when times are tough. A Letters Aloud evening is the perfect inspiration and antidote for our challenging times.

Play an excerpt from a live show and read what audiences have to say about an evening with Letters Aloud!

What audiences have to say about Letters Aloud

“Last night’s presentation was the best hour of thought-provoking entertainment I’ve had in a long time. I feel honored that you included me.”

“This was the highlight of the month. What a wonderful performance by all. My heart just soared. Delightful! Provocative. Thank you so much.”

“Terrific!!! Both the performance and the curation/writing. Timely, nuanced, entertaining. Thank you.”

“Letters Aloud was nothing short of amazing. Thank you for such a thoughtful and relevant performance!”

DSC_1251 2         MJ Washington in “The Road To Fame”. ¬©LETTERS ALOUD, LLC

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